Dry Erase Clapboard – Give a New Style Statement to Your Occasion

Planning for a birthday bash or an unforgettable wedding anniversary is not a difficult task these days as you have a surplus amount of unique props and stuffs to make it happen. One of such props is dry erase clapboard that works outstandingly to make your party location look like an exclusive venue. Different standard varieties and class stuffs are arrived in clapboard section to choose from. Dry erase clapperboard is the latest version that stands apart from others with the unique erasable feature. Hence, it does not stain the board as users can rub out the words and then write new letters in the fresh surface.

White Director's Clapboard

White Director’s Clapboard – $14.99

Different colors and sizes are available in dry erase clapperboard section such as traditional black and white, white director’s clapboard etc. Of the many, white director’s clapboard excels and exceeds the markets with its unique features and alluring aspects. Made of plastic, these striking pieces of artwork include a moving clapstick and a dry erase marker. Thus, you won’t stain the board at any cost. This stylish prop generally measures 9.75” X 11”. You can write the party name instead of production name in the clapboard. Likewise, using own creativity you can make the clapboard look like a party invitation or an ultimate party prop.

White Director's Clapboard

White Director’s Clapboard – $14.99

As most party lovers today shift to the new Hollywood theme parties, popularity and demand of white director’s clapboard and dry erase models are increased a lot. People use these props to be employed with other attractive movie props that are designed especially for party decoration, these days. A wonderful meaning is given to your party ambiance when it is adorned with stylish and spectacular movie props like clapboard. No matter what type of party you are throwing; just remember to include clapboard and other movie props to give exclusivity to the occasion till the climax stage. Such party celebrations will remain memorable in the mind of party hosts and guests for months to come.

White Director's Clapboard

White Director’s Clapboard – $14.99

There are lots and lots of party stores and companies offering wide ranges of clapboard collection to choose from. Just because of the vast collection, people will find it bit difficult to select the most beautiful and stylish clapboard from the bunch. This is where party experts come at their help. These professionals will help select the suitable and spectacular movie props and clapboard from the mass as well as provide customers with best and striking party themes and ideas to try for. It is often found that most party stores also provide its customers with party ideas and themes along with suitable movie props and accessories.

White Director's Clapboard

While buying clapboard and other movie props from party stores customers should recognize that it is of best quality and at affordable price rates. Internet is the best and reliable source to find out shops offering world class party props at low quality price rates. Find out such party stores and get first class dry erase clapboard and other party props for an enchanting celebration.

Buy Dry Erase Clapboard online at http://www.thisishollywood.com/white-directors-clapboard-p-1883.html  or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id- sales@thisishollywood.com.


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