Hollywood Party Decorations

Experiment and experience something unique in your party decoration effort! Yes, Hollywood party decoration are potential to render you a great feel of Hollywood glitz with its striking and stunning party props. Changing the ambiance tone is made possible with these party decorations and great moments are offered, which guests and you will cherish for months to come.

Red Carpet' Sidewalk Runner

Red Carpet’ Sidewalk Runner – $8.99

Hollywood Party Theme

Getting a suitable Hollywood party theme is not at all a difficult task these days. Plenty of party ideas are being offered along with associated accessories to choose from. The party tone is calibrated into a new level of celebration with including these stunning and awesome party props. No matter what kind of party idea you are having with; it can be a birthday party, wedding anniversary, retirement function, etc. Hollywood party theme decorations will make your effort to taste success.

Hollywood Awards Premiere Banner

Hollywood Awards Premiere Banner – $5.99

Hollywood Party Decoration Ideas

Are you an avid fan of Hollywood? Then why don’t you bring the glam of Hollywood while throwing party events? Capitalize Hollywood party decoration ideas and arrange a glamour party event that will be cherished for months to come. Different and interesting party decoration ideas are offered to choose from. Party props that suits the theme is also made available at cheap price rates. Customization is also allowed in terms of design, pattern, shape, size, etc of party props.

Hollywood Movie camera, Reels, Stars Cascade Centerpiece

Hollywood Movie camera, Reels, Stars Cascade Centerpiece – $6.99

80s Party Decorations

Have you ever been to a celebration decorated with 80s party decorations? If not, then make it real when your turns come!! Yes, bold and beautiful party decorations of 80s are available in wide varieties to choose from. These Hollywood memorabilia will help you arrange a noteworthy party décor which your guests will be experimenting when their turns come. Choose from the widely available 80s party decorations to grace your environment.

Popcorn Balloon and Photo Holder

Popcorn Balloon and Photo Holder


Star - Photo/Balloon Holder

Star – Photo/Balloon Holder


Cheap Hollywood Party Decorations

Looking for cheap Hollywood party decorations? Just browse through here and find amazing varieties to choose from. Turn the tone your party décor to a new level of celebration with including stylish and fashionable Hollywood glam decorations. Cheap price rates are charged and best quality is ensured for every party prop that are being sold here. Get your party décor into a new eye appealing style with these cheap Hollywood party decorations.

Movie Icons Super Pack Hanging Wall Cutouts

Movie Icons Super Pack Hanging Wall Cutouts – $6.99

Hollywood party décor

Decorate your party venue with Hollywood party décor! Give an enchanting look and feel to the entire venue in an affordable and astonishing manner. Many party lovers today favor to Hollywood decorations when it comes to party décor. In spite of the theme and type of party, Hollywood party decorations can be used for any type of party décor. These decorations will go in tandem with the party theme and will give a fascinating look to the entire venue.

Movie set Shimmering spiral

Movie set Shimmering spiral – $7.99

Hollywood Party Invitations

Searching some different looking invitations? Then, try out Hollywood party invitations! These are trendy forms of party invitations that give a new name to the term invitation. Invitees are provided with a clue about what will happen or what are arranged at the party venue. Surprise party invitations are also available to choose from. Apart from these, if people have some creative ideas about invitations, customization is also allowed. So, don’t wait more. Get one of these most beautiful Hollywood party invitations to give life to your invitation.

Hollywood Personalized Giant Sign Banner

Hollywood Personalized Giant Sign Banner – $14.99

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Hollywood Party Decorations – Make Your Effort Remarkable

Decorations for occasions

Decorations are meant for occasions. On special events we want to make the party platform adorned with striking and stunning decorative means. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentines Day party, corporate party etc cannot matter in the aspects of typical decorative means. However, today people have changed their old, emblematic decorative means and switched to novel and exotic aspects. More people now prefer Hollywood party decorations to illuminate their party landscape. For people looking for good shindig, movie themed party would be the perfect means of extravaganza. To organize a Tinseltown themed event, you need to collect amazing party decorations and embellish them for the big night. But where can you get good collection of quality Hollywood decorative means? The answer is simply ‘online stores’.

  • These are places offering extensive range of decorative aspects especially designed for Hollywood theme party ideas.
  • Apart from online fancy stores, many companies have started to provide especial Tinseltown decorative products. You can find wide varieties of decoration aspects at these –stores and companies including movie reels, film props, posters, film cans, celebrity cutouts and so on.
  • You can also get interesting and striking party theme ideas from these online stores. Thus, along with party themes you are providing with ornamental things to give a –Tinseltown touch to your occasion.
  • Select magnificent decorative things from online stores and use in a wonderful manner to give an exotic look to the event. You can also pick up themes from movies of different periods like 70’s or 90’s.
  • Some online shops and companies offer decorative products like movie theme party supplies and Tinseltown Oscar party supplies. These party ideas are new and novel making your guests to sit in wonder. Online shops will give aid and assistance in organizing such exciting and exotic party.

Hollywood Movie camera, Reels, Stars Cascade Centerpiece

Hollywood Movie camera, Reels, Stars Cascade Centerpiece – $6.99

You will be able to give an extraordinary appearance and ambiance to the occasion landscape. Select from online shops as per requirements, type of event and moreover according to the budget. Since pictures and price details of decoration things will be available online, you can easily choose most wonderful products to endow your party a Tinseltown touch. You can compare the price rates and quality of products with many stores if you purchase via online. Purchased products will be at your door steps within the stipulated time frame. Search for high quality products at fairly decent rates. With Tinseltown theme party ideas and measures, you will add an extra charm to the party venue.

'Red Carpet' Sidewalk Runner

‘Red Carpet’ Sidewalk Runner – $8.99

Reliable and Reasonable Party Store

Walk of Fame Star Icons MugWalk of Fame Star Icons Mug – $7.99

Selecting the most reliable and reasonable party store online is very important and essential for a safe purchase experience. You can go for previous customers’ reviews and testimonials about certain party stores online. Or else go through web directories and forum pages to get references of reliable and affordable party stores in the internet. Whatever be the way you prefer, ensure the result that you will get from these stores regarding your Hollywood Party Decorations.

Walk of Fame Entryway Sparkle Curtain

Walk of Fame Entryway Sparkle Curtain – $7.99

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Buy Hollywood Party Decorations online at http://www.thisishollywood.com/ or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id- sales@thisishollywood.com.

Hollywood Trophies

We all like awards, appreciations, rewards, recognition for whatever we do in our life whether it’s a personal life or professional career life. These are very important in anyone’s life to get motivated and succeed in life or who strive to achieve more. When we talk about awards the most famous and fascinating awards is none other than Achievement Trophy Statue. So what is this Achievement Trophy Statue and how did it came into picture. The design was invented by art director Cedric Gibbons of Achievement Trophy Statue in the year 1939. He designed a knight standing on a reel of film gripping a sword. Then the Academy commissioned George Stanley to create the award in three dimensions of the design.

MegaGold Premiere CenterpieceMegaGold Premiere Centerpiece – $129.99

The first award was presented to Emil Jannings for Best Actor for his outstanding performances in “The Last Command” and the film called “The way of All Flesh” in the year 1928 on May 16th. Since then almost more than 2,700 Achievement Trophy Statue have been presented till now.

These awards have been manufactured by RS owens and company in Chicago based awards manufacturer who were retained by the academy since 1982. These are made with golden statuettes, molded, polished and buffed each. The size of the statuette is approximately 13½ inches tall and 8½ lbs weight.

Deluxe Star TrophyDeluxe Star Trophy – $139.99

In every field we have key people for any successful film they also signify the five original branches of the academy tree called directors, producers, technicians, writers and actors.

There were several names suggested by different people for this award however none of them were catchy or sounds good hence they all were rejected and finally one person while taking this award said this looks like Uncle Achievement Trophy Statue and since then everyone started calling Achievement Trophy Statue in Hollywood industry. The film academy announced this name officially in the year 1939.

Achievement Trophy Statue24k Gold Deluxe Trophy – $189.99

During the Second World War there was a sever shortage of metal for the manufacturing of this award hence they were made of painted plaster for three years continuously. After three years of war the Hollywood Academy invited to convert the plaster for gold plated metal ones.The statuettes which were presented in olden days or earlier days of invention were only designed with gold plated solid bronze. After few years the bronze was replaced in favor of Britannia metal and which was then plated in copper, nickel silver and finally 24 carat gold statuette.

This award function is conducted every year and people were invited across the globe. Not only English films are nominated for this award however all the films of any language which gives a good message to the public and overall feedback from the audience makes the film whether it has to be nominated or not.

Deluxe Trophy

Deluxe Trophy – $139.99

There are films which are made with amazing story, screenplay, direction, and movie and in such cases it makes impossible for the judges to predict the exact number of Achievement Trophy Statue to be awarded for that particular film in the award ceremony. The surplus awards are kept in the Academy house’s vault until the following year’s event.

Buy Achievement Trophy Statue online at http://www.thisishollywood.com/trophies-all-trophies-c-72_73.html or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id- sales@thisishollywood.com.

Get Amazing Celebrity Cutouts of Your Choice

Austin Powers Cutout

Austin Powers Cutout – $29.99

Who does not love photos? The answer would be “no one”. We all love photos whether it’s of your favorite actor or actress or family or friends or nature etc. Most of us would love to capture all the memorable moments in pictures like party, outing, fun time, watching cricket match. Many of us would love to have at least one cutouts of your family or friends or animation characters or your loved ones in your room, house or in a special place. If you want to impress someone, you can present them a celebrity cutout of their choice and they would be amazed. Celebrity cutouts also defines you the clarity of vision and clarity of thought in preparing it. It gives you an opportunity to use your imagination to the extent and get all the funky and creative ideas to make your cutout stand out or different from others.

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena - Brown Dress

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena – Brown Dress – $29.99

Jack Sparrow cutout

Jack Sparrow cutout – $29.99

Below are the advantages or features of having amazing life-size cutouts of your choice:

  • This is one of the field in which you will be paid for your imagination and creativity unlike other technical or mechanical companies where you have to do the same work as per instructions.
  • You have an opportunity to impress your dear ones and surprise them on their special occasions or get-together.
  • You can also use these cutouts for your business promotions, merchandising, and other business purposes.
  • These can be used to attract customers to buy the products and increase the sales of the organization.
  • These can be created with a motive of creating a message to the public, also easily understood by lot of people by seeing that picture instead of reading the complete story.
  • Photos have an amazing feature of making you smile and touch your heart, no matter whose photo; we can see an automatic smile on the face of the person is seeing the photo.
  • Images can be remembered for life time and easily understandable by anyone and also encourages your mind and also keeps you always happy.

Antonio Banderas as Zorro, with Chest Price : $29.99

There are lot of companies and courses available to encourage many people to excel their skills. All you have to do is get the software from the reputed companies and install on your computer and make wonders of images and pictures. There is always more than one way to do things in software and one of the ways is the cutouts. The software gives you the complete instructions as to how to use and gives you an idea of using your creativity. This is beyond all country barriers and regulations or restrictions, you have the freedom to work anytime and for as many hours you want. A person who does not really know anything about a thing and by looking at that picture it inspires them to think about the picture and understand it without any words. There are lots of institutes or companies who provide the software at an affordable price as per the comfort of the customers.

Marilyn Monroe as a Showgirl cutout*1013

Marilyn Monroe as a Showgirl cutout*1013 – $32.99

Marilyn Monroe in Pink Dress Cutout*1012Marilyn Monroe in Pink Dress Cutout*1012 – $32.99

Buy Celebrity Cutouts online at http://www.thisishollywood.com/?main_page=Lifesize_Cardboard_Cutout78 or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id- sales@thisishollywood.com.


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Movie Decorations for a Stylish Party Decor

Do you believe that organizing a well-established party is an easy job? Well, it is not right in all cases because a good party does not come naturally.  It includes weeks or months seamless effort and hard work for making it a big success. Do you confident to organizing an eye-catching venue for a party within two days? No doubt, your answer will be a big ‘No’. But, if you think and consider latest Hollywood movie decorations, the classic and charming decorative means, then you will obviously be able to throwing a stylish party experience even within hours!! Today, most party lovers give first choice to movie themes and film decorations for their party venue because it offers both guests and hosts the time of their lives.

'Red Carpet' Sidewalk Runner

‘Red Carpet’ Sidewalk Runner – $8.99

A captivating and exclusive ambiance is offered to the party venue if you apply Hollywood movie themes and decorations. You will be adding to the glamour and sparkle of your party venue with these decorations. One best thing with these props is that you don’t need to spend a hefty amount to get latest movie props and decorations. These items are available in almost all party stores online and offline. You just need to find out the right supplier and get items of your choice at unbeatable rates. With these props, you would be able to give a special touch and captivating smile to your venue.

Award Night Entryway Sparkle Curtain

Award Night Entryway Sparkle Curtain – $8.99

You can start giving an extraordinary touch to your party right from the invitation. Today, invitations are available in such a manner that reflect excellently Hollywood style and make guests feel they have been invited for a real Hollywood party. You can give an antic welcome to guests and make them feel like an Oscar Night. You may have come across the pictures of film stars who stroll down the red carpet and present for the media in their bewitching clothing. You can use the same beautiful practice to your party venue using a ‘Red Floor Runner’. Let it be a special anniversary, a charity function or a teenage birthday; with the red carpet idea, you will be adding magical touch of Hollywood and offering more fun and excitement.

Hollywood Nights - Lunch Napkins

Hollywood Nights – Lunch Napkins


'Lights, Camera, Action' Table Cloth

‘Lights, Camera, Action’ Table Cloth


Hollywood light beverage napkins

Hollywood light beverage napkins


Lights, Camera, Action Lunch Napkins

Lights, Camera, Action Lunch Napkins


Hollywood Nights Paper Plates - 10.5"

Hollywood Nights Paper Plates – 10.5″


Hollywood Nights - Beverage Napkins

Hollywood Nights – Beverage Napkins


Lights, Camera, Action Paper Plates - 7"

Lights, Camera, Action Paper Plates – 7″


Hollywood lights Luncheon napkins

Hollywood lights Luncheon napkins


Lights, Camera, Action Paper Plates - 9"

Lights, Camera, Action Paper Plates – 9″





So, if you want to arrange your party with latest movie theme and decorations, then instantly get pretty and impressive movie decorations for the venue. Use Helium balloons to bring more color and fun to the venue. You can use balloons not only for decorations but also induce guests to take home as a keepsake of the grand party. Include ‘Directors Clapboard’ around the party venue to make guests wonder about whether you really invited any celebrities or not.


Actor Gift Basket

Actor Gift Basket


Mega Director's Gift Basket

Mega Director’s Gift Basket


I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball Gift Basket

I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball Gift Basket


Elvis Presley Gift Basket

Elvis Presley Gift Basket


Walk Of Fame Stars Gift Bag

Walk Of Fame Stars Gift Bag


Wizard Of Oz Gift Basket

Wizard Of Oz Gift Basket


Actress Gift Basket (*)

Actress Gift Basket (*)


Hollywood Studios Gift Set

Hollywood Studios Gift Set


Mega Walk Of Fame Star Gift Basket

Mega Walk Of Fame Star Gift Basket





Add great details to the dining area using Hollywood set of plates and napkins. No doubt, your attempt this will bring great nobility to the party. Make your party complete with the sound of corks that pop up from champagne bottle! Hence, you would be able to impress your special person if you use latest movie decorations to organize the party.

Buy Movie Decorations online at http://www.thisishollywood.com/ or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id- sales@thisishollywood.com.

Dry Erase Clapboard – Give a New Style Statement to Your Occasion

Planning for a birthday bash or an unforgettable wedding anniversary is not a difficult task these days as you have a surplus amount of unique props and stuffs to make it happen. One of such props is dry erase clapboard that works outstandingly to make your party location look like an exclusive venue. Different standard varieties and class stuffs are arrived in clapboard section to choose from. Dry erase clapperboard is the latest version that stands apart from others with the unique erasable feature. Hence, it does not stain the board as users can rub out the words and then write new letters in the fresh surface.

White Director's Clapboard

White Director’s Clapboard – $14.99

Different colors and sizes are available in dry erase clapperboard section such as traditional black and white, white director’s clapboard etc. Of the many, white director’s clapboard excels and exceeds the markets with its unique features and alluring aspects. Made of plastic, these striking pieces of artwork include a moving clapstick and a dry erase marker. Thus, you won’t stain the board at any cost. This stylish prop generally measures 9.75” X 11”. You can write the party name instead of production name in the clapboard. Likewise, using own creativity you can make the clapboard look like a party invitation or an ultimate party prop.

White Director's Clapboard

White Director’s Clapboard – $14.99

As most party lovers today shift to the new Hollywood theme parties, popularity and demand of white director’s clapboard and dry erase models are increased a lot. People use these props to be employed with other attractive movie props that are designed especially for party decoration, these days. A wonderful meaning is given to your party ambiance when it is adorned with stylish and spectacular movie props like clapboard. No matter what type of party you are throwing; just remember to include clapboard and other movie props to give exclusivity to the occasion till the climax stage. Such party celebrations will remain memorable in the mind of party hosts and guests for months to come.

White Director's Clapboard

White Director’s Clapboard – $14.99

There are lots and lots of party stores and companies offering wide ranges of clapboard collection to choose from. Just because of the vast collection, people will find it bit difficult to select the most beautiful and stylish clapboard from the bunch. This is where party experts come at their help. These professionals will help select the suitable and spectacular movie props and clapboard from the mass as well as provide customers with best and striking party themes and ideas to try for. It is often found that most party stores also provide its customers with party ideas and themes along with suitable movie props and accessories.

White Director's Clapboard

While buying clapboard and other movie props from party stores customers should recognize that it is of best quality and at affordable price rates. Internet is the best and reliable source to find out shops offering world class party props at low quality price rates. Find out such party stores and get first class dry erase clapboard and other party props for an enchanting celebration.

Buy Dry Erase Clapboard online at http://www.thisishollywood.com/white-directors-clapboard-p-1883.html  or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id- sales@thisishollywood.com.

Directors Clapboard – Versatile Uses

You might saw directors clapboard once in your lifetime. If you are enthusiast about movies and film sets, then you must have seen this prop. Have you ever thought about its multiple uses in normal life other than film shooting? If not yet, then think now onwards. Yes, you guess right! What we here discuss is versatilities of clapboard. Changing trends and variety concepts have given clapboard a significant role in modern people’s party life. Today, most party lovers include this outstanding movie accessory to decorating party venues. One great advantage with this prop is abundant availability and high durability.

White Director's Clapboard

White Director’s Clapboard – $14.99

Clapboard suits any party themes including kid’s party, children’s birthday celebration, wedding anniversaries, retirement celebrations etc. There are many other movie props accompanying your party theme to make it the best decoration you have ever attempted. For beginners sake there are experts and designers helping people embark on the party decoration using clapboards and other film props. If you have a little creativity and access to latest party decoration props, then you can turn your party venue into a big bash location. Clapboard party decorations will compliment your efforts and no doubt, your guests will try the same when their turns come.

Director's Clapboard - Small

Director’s Clapboard – Small – $6.99

Clapboard is available in different sizes and special colors to choose from. Have you ever seen fully white clapboard? Not yet? Then make it now. This type of clapboard comes with dry erasable features that let you rub the contents without staining the board. It also includes a moving clapstick and dry erase marker. The whole piece of movie prop measures 9.75” X 11”, providing you with an exclusive look and charm for your entire party ambiance. Clapboard section also includes certain other unique accessories that work well for a movie theme party decoration. Some popular props include clapboard canvas bag, salt and pepper shakers, clapboard plastic bag, porcelain Hollywood bell, and much more.

Director's Clapboard - Large

Director’s Clapboard – Large – $11.99

There are a myriad of shops working both online and offline to supply different movie accessories including clapboard varieties at competitive price rates. These shops offer clapboard in different sizes and colors to suit the party theme and venue. However, people often find it hard to choose from the collection as there are many shops selling clapboards and other movie props. It is very important that you buy these props from one of the best and reliable shop around your region. To identify the best shop, you may need to make research on each shop available in your area.

Movieland Salt & Pepper Shakers

Movieland Salt & Pepper Shakers – $8.99

Check the portfolio of the shop to get an idea about its dealings with previous customers. Contact some of its ex-customers and take data directly from them about the shop’s interaction. Analyze its price rates and discount packages and compare the same with competitors so that you can ensure whether you make the best selection or not. Go online and surf through directories and forum pages to get contacts or links of shops offering best quality directors clapboard at cheap price rates.

Buy Directors Clapboard online at http://www.thisishollywood.com/film-accessories-clapboards-c-104_109.html or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id- sales@thisishollywood.com.

Movie Reels For Sale – Why to Buy Movie Reels?

Today, people want varieties and trendy things around them. This may be the major reason why modern people modify their home interior at regular intervals. It seems that rejuvenation of home interior provide people with fresh feeling to live or work in the same place. Hence, they utilize unique objects and themes for interior decoration. You may amaze knowing that may people today apply movie themes for home decoration. It’s really interesting no? Well, movie theme has become the innovative and most popular decoration themes, these days. Movie reels are basically and mainly used for movie theme decoration at homes. There are many places offering movie reels for sale at discount rates.

Movie Reels - Black

Movie Reels – Black – $9.99

You can turn the ambiance and appearance of your room if you place movie reels and other film props thereon. A little creativity and good awareness about latest theme decoration aspects will help you end up accomplishing a striking interior. Movie props like reels, clapboard, megaphone etc works outstandingly to bring you that extra flair to make your room look like Hollywood film set. You can use these props to decorate your home theater in a unique manner and no doubt you will taste success in your effort. Obviously, your home theater decorated with movie props will look like an original movie theater.

 Movie Reels - Gold

Movie Reels – Gold – $9.99

Another area of application for movie reels and props may be your small photo studio. Give a real and grand look to your photo studio and make it appear as original film studio using these movie props. By these ways and possibilities, we can say that movie reels and other film props have the capacity to give an extra gleam and glam to your space, irrespective of what it is. If you are an avid watcher of movies and love to collect movie memorabilia, then this would be happy news for you. Using these props you will be able to flaunt your admiration and love towards movies to others.

Movie Reels - Red

Movie Reels – Red  – $9.99

Many other items associated with movie themes can be employed along with movie reels and other embellishment props. You can find many reviews and testimonials online written on personal experience with movie props. There are a lot of companies and party stores offering movie reels and other props at international quality through online and offline paths. However, online is most recommended way of shopping as it offers you great freedom from wandering around the city for finding movie props your choice. Thus, you can save a good deal on your petrol and other expenses. Besides this, you will be delivered with products at your door steps.

Movie Reels - Silver

Movie Reels – Silver  – $10.99

So, make your home or office ultimately different from others using these incredible movie props. Most interior designers and experts today personally suggest people to include film props not only to give a grand look to the interior but also make it exclusive from others. Thus, look for the shops and companies offering movie reels for sale and get some best quality movie people to embellish your home or office interior.

Buy Movie reels online at http://www.thisishollywood.com/ or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id- sales@thisishollywood.com.

Decorative Film Reels – Impact of Movies in Real World

This is the world of acceleration and advancement and that is why people expect uniqueness in everything they get. They just want to keep pace with the fashion and trends of particular time. The same can be seen in all aspects of life including home and office decoration. A lot of changes have been occurred in this area, thus people started to accept changed decorative aspects to adorn their place of living or working. Party venue is not an exception when it comes to decoration. It also experienced lots of changes and one among those includes decorative film reels!

Movie Reels - RedMovie Reels – Red – $9.99

Today, movies are having great impact on everyone’s life. This may the reason why people love to include film props such as movie reels in interior decoration at home, office or party hall. Movie themes are also available these days in wide varieties to choose from. This has also increased demand for movie accessories to a great extent. Movie reel decoration is the latest trend in party hall interior or home interior and these best suits if the place occupies movie themes. This kind of theme decoration not only add plus to your décor but also increases charm of your ambiance.

Projector Split' Movie Reel (Plastic)

Projector Split’ Movie Reel (Plastic) – $13.99

There are many stores and shops at online and offline markets offering international quality film reels and other props in different designs and colors to choose from. Of the two, online is more preferred shopping port as it offers something special and interesting to customers. Online stores offer a great variety in movie accessories such as artistic film reels to embellish your theme decoration. If you search a bit more, you can get these reels in multiple colors for example, silver, golden, back, red etc. An extraordinary or traditional look can be given to your interior using these colored film reels.

Used Hollywood Gray Plastic Reel

Used Hollywood Gray Plastic Reel – $11.99

If you want a classic background, then use black movie reels, and golden reels for an elegant look. Hence, these movie props, especially film reels will definitely add glam and grandeur to your space irrespective of the location and occasion. Best quality props at cheap rates is the highlight of online stores for which most people stumble at their door steps. There are many trusted and preferred sources online where you can get movie accessories such as film reels of world class quality. Some online shops also supply used reels and other movie props at cheap price rates.

Used PLIO Magic Hollywood Black Plastic ReelUsed PLIO Magic Hollywood Black Plastic Reel – $10.99

Therefore, search online elaborately to find out movie reels and other props at unbeatable price rates. There are many companies tasting success for the last two decades by offering international quality props at cheap price rates.   To give an exclusive look to your location, choose many colors and embellish them in a stylish manner. Buy fabulous movie reels from online companies and decorate your ambiance with interesting movie themes. No doubt, your guests and neighbors will be stunning with such an extraordinary ambiance. Take advantage of interior experts while using decorative film reels at home, office or party venue. They will help you optimize the results!!

Used PLIO Magic Hollywood Gray Plastic Reel

Used PLIO Magic Hollywood Gray Plastic Reel – $10.99

Buy Decorative film reels online or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id- sales@thisishollywood.com.

Movie Clapboard Helps you for an Unusual Hollywood Wedding Theme

Porcelain Hollywood BellPorcelain Hollywood Bell – $4.99

Is your sister’s wedding nearing? Do she is a movie enthusiast? Then try a Hollywood theme wedding for her big day! Glamour is major aspect of this kind of wedding themes. Using unique party props such as movie clapboard and by making certain touches here and there, you can absolutely capture the feel of Hollywood. You can choose from various colors such as black, gold, silver, blue, red etc for a Hollywood theme wedding. Surprise your guests just right from invitations! There are many stunning invitation ideas that help you get your Hollywood wedding theme rolling! Some of them include movie ticket invitations, movie camera or projector invites or begin the words off with ‘Lights, camera, action’.

Movieland Salt & Pepper ShakersMovieland Salt & Pepper Shakers – $8.99

When it comes to floral arrangement, use classic types including peonies, lilies and roses. These classic flowers will help make the tone for an old time that is classic Hollywood theme. Next is decoration. You can use gold or silver candelabras with white candles for the alter space. Flatten the red carpet for you and your guests and have the film theater gold cording up to allow your guests enter. Include bunches of ostrich plumes at the end of the pews. Use silver or gold centerpieces that are rich with flowers and small movie cameras. Use directors clapboard with guests name inscribed for place cards. Set up enough stage lights to make it look like a film set.

White Director's ClapboardWhite Director’s Clapboard – $14.99

Appoint someone to use the clapboard and begin the wedding by saying Lights, camera action!! Also use beautifully crafted china and tableware along with distinctive tablecloths. Also use costly crystal-looking stemware if you are incapable to afford real crystal. Use your creativity while decorating the wedding cake as well. Make it look like various sizes of movie cans piled together, with a film projector on top. Use party favors such as Tuxedo looking sachets, key chains with director’s clapboard attached and chocolate candy shaped into Oscar model statutes. With Hollywood wedding theme, you are attempting something new with old looks!!

Director's Clapboard - SmallDirector’s Clapboard – Small – $6.99

There are many decorative storage boxes that find to be unusual and interesting recycled gifts for men, women and children. These boxes are hand-crafted into ‘mystery book boxes’ by excavating older, recycled books. Your recipients can employ them to keep novelties or conceal anything from Olympic medal to jewelry and they merge well into any house ambiance. Select their favorite book titles from classic books, children books, fiction books or antique books and turn them into secret book boxes. These boxes are unique gift articles that you can find online at reasonable cost tags.

Director's Clapboard - LargeDirector’s Clapboard – Large – $11.99

You can also make use environment friendly gifts that are magnificent green gifts for the home and home living. Still if you have recipients who are not eco warriors, then you can discover many unusual and interesting gifts that are probably please any person with sophisticated taste for home décor. So, check out some of the decent trade gifts such as home décor, art and sculpture, home furnishing, movie accessories, movie clapboard and more.

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